Sometimes, I think I’m the laziest person on earth…

Posted on February 5, 2014

Something strange has been happening lately. I’ve been explaining my new life to people and their response has shocked me.

It’s almost always a “Wow”.

And every time it happens, it takes a minute to register that my life is fucking amazing.

I live in the most beautiful country I’ve ever been in, in an incredible house, with the woman of my dreams, doing what I want, when I want to, and I make incredible money doing it.

I’m truly blessed.

And this is where the laziness comes in.

It’s not that I don’t do things – far from that actually, I’m one of the busiest people I know – it’s that I’m not doing enough to help others.

I look around my world and everywhere I go, I see people in pain… Miserable, frustrated, angry, disempowered people who’re stuck in an endless cycle of pain and depression with no idea of how to break out.

And here I am, with this incredible life -AND- I know how to help them break out of that cycle, yet I do nothing about it.

I’m tired of coaching and because of that, people live miserable lives.

I’m sick of working with people through their problems and pains and because of that, other people suffer.

It’s not that I don’t have the skills and knowledge. It’s not that I don’t think I can make a difference. It’s that I just feel like I don’t have the energy to give any more.

And because of that, people have to suffer.

Fuck. I don’t know what to do.

I live my incredible live doing amazing things and all I want to do is fall more deeply in love with my life. And then I contemplate what that red-faced, mumbling, drunk and angry guy at the supermarket must go through every time he wakes up in the morning, and I feel torn.

What do I do? I don’t know…

That’s all. Nothing else to say.

Good night for now.

17 Replies to "Sometimes, I think I'm the laziest person on earth..."

  • P.M.
    February 5, 2014 (9:29 pm)

    people doesn´t suffer because of you mate!!!not every problem is related with inner game issues. In my country people suffer because they can´t give to their children everything they need… stop making yourself a big deal about inner game….there are a lot of political and economical problems all around the world that are a lot more complex… inner game tools will not stop the goverment of my country of being so corrupt…So, it´s not your fault!!!

    • Me
      February 5, 2014 (9:32 pm)

      Thanks for the kind words mate but I was talking about the people I see around me every day. I’m incredibly fortunate to live in one of the most incredibly lucky places in the world and yet I’m surrounded by miserable people.

      It’s just tough to look at sometimes.

      • Tiger
        August 23, 2014 (4:30 pm)

        The voice of raniatolity! Good to hear from you.

  • Juan esteba
    February 5, 2014 (10:07 pm)

    Tengo varias cosas que decir

    Hola maestro, pues yo opino que está en una situación en la que obviamente usted es quien tiene la última palabra, la verdad es que usted nos ha enseñado que tenderle la mano a alguien que lo necesita es genial si se puede, creo que un mundo mejor está por venir gracias a personas como tú que comparten estos maravillosos conocimientos

    Creo que tiene que preguntarse porque decidió ayudar a cambiar las vidas de otras personas para mejor en el pasado y dar se la oportunidad que probar si aún le apasiona y tomar la decisión de seguir o no asiéndolo, también está la opción de entrenar personas que les interese ser entrenadores y apasione ayudar hasta el cansancio a otras persona s, así abarcarías muchas gente construyendo una red global de entrenadores

    También pienso que hay personas que aunque tengan problemas y todo eso, no todos están dispuestos a cambiar su vida, no todos pueden acceder a sus enseñanzas ya sea porque no pueden por dinero o porque en su país no hay internet por ejemplo

    Además En mi caso la verdad es que algún día me gustaría vivir en un nuevo país y sentir esa experiencia, así que me dije algun día quiero conocer a logun en persona y de paso vivir en Australia

    • Me
      February 5, 2014 (10:26 pm)

      I don’t understand this but it sounds beautiful when I read it aloud.

  • P.M.
    February 5, 2014 (10:13 pm)

    what I mean it´s that you don´t have to worry so much and feel guilty about minor problems. If the people around you doesn’t have to face problems related with with daily violence, or problems with food, clear water and electricity, I guess that they doesn’t have problems with internet either. They can solve all their issues if they search your website. You must remember also that most people don’t want to make themselves responsible for their own problems so a lot of people will not want to look around for help when the problems that they are facing are not really a big deal…. so don´t make yourself feel bad… keep living your amazing life mate!!!… just a thought…

    • Me
      February 5, 2014 (10:26 pm)

      Ah, I understand mate.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  • Vlad
    February 9, 2014 (2:15 am)

    Well Leigh, I think you are doing well. I think that this inner conflict within you is part of a journey 🙂

    Just like the inner conflict that existed when you were in school eating lunch in the toilet (I forgot the exact details, but I’m sure there was a post somewhere where u said you ate lunch in the school toilet or something), that inner conflict propelled you to become where you are today.

    Similarly, the inner conflict you are experiencing NOW, will propel you to some other place you’ve never seen before. Inner conflict is your ally, actually.

    In these times, what would the old Leigh use to say? Turn up the volume 😉 Keep living your fantastic life, and keep noticing the pain of others. Let it envelop you and consume your being until it is all that you see. Until the pain forces you to take some kind of action (I know not what action, but I know it will be extraordinary). Struggle on!


    • Vlad
      February 9, 2014 (2:18 am)

      Also, what was that you use to say?

      “You’ll never ever become a man because being a man is a choice you make in every moment” – Leigh

      And also something about making the tough decisions all the time. And principles and values. And integrity.

      🙂 Best wishes to you!

  • guillermo
    February 11, 2014 (6:29 am)

    Hi Leigh. I think the main problem ´with your energy is that you don´t relate to that people anymore. The majority isn´t going to push that hard to make a life changing becouse we are afraid of not relating with anyone. It´s like The poor becomes poorer and the rich becomes richer. You now what´s the easiest way to make people realized of their own issues and relate?. Short Vblogs. For example you could write a feww pages with amazing content, but lazy people is not gonna read it. Make a short videoblog of the topic at hand and definetly more people are gonna to “buy in”. Plus the video has another energy that the text and is easy to diggest. Is great that you are lazy becouse you can think “If I´m the average lazy motherfucker who said he is gonna change his life, what is the first step to do without jumping out of the confort zone?”. Whatch a short video where you can relate. Make a video about lazyness and apply the great concepts you have to share on it.

  • Vlad
    February 23, 2014 (12:38 pm)

    Hi it’s Vlad again. Now that I know how to control my sense of power, and the exactly intricacies of how to do so, and I can clearly see how the way people are living is causing them misery and how they can choose a more empowering way of living, I am now feeling extremely guilty about not helping them.

    I have felt like this for 2 days and frankly it is driving me crazy. I am feeling deeply guilty, as if I am responsible for that angry man on the subway train feeling powerless. I spent the last 2 days trying to come up with step-by-step programs to help people feel more powerful. It was the most stressful 2 days of my life. Today is the third day, and I came to a realisation.

    I realised that I cannot go on living like this. Yes, people are suffering and I can remove their suffering, but what about my own life? Even as I thought of that, I still felt deeply guilty. A part of me even wanted to sacrifice my life to help these people feel powerful. Another part of me saw that I was walking down a very dark path.

    Suddenly I had an ah-ha! moment. My script in this moment is:
    1. Feel very guilty
    2. Want to be free of my guilt
    3. Using “help others feel powerful” to free myself from my guilt
    The limitations of this script were obvious: People can manipulate my guilt to make me do things. I will have to remove all my personal desires and focus purely on serving people.

    That is clearly NOT part of my internally rewarding future. My internally rewarding future doesn’t cover becoming a slave to others. Sorry, powerless people in the world, I am about to do something really dicky to you. If I don’t do it, I will go crazy in 5 more days. So I will do it now: To all the powerless people in the world, I am sorry, but you are completely responsible for how you feel.

    Regarding this case, no matter how much criticism I may draw, I really have to say this: This time it’s okay to be selfish. Or I definitely WILL be admitted to a mental.institution. There’s nothing internally rewarding about putting the weight of the world on your shoulders. Just sad slavery.

    Ending point: I am not responsible for anyone’s powerlessness. I refuse to take responsibility for anyone’s powerlessness.

    Because I know the mental and emotional hell I will go through the moment I take responsibility for someone’s powerlessness. I find this experience similar to “survivor’s guilt” or the guilt surgeons get when a patient dies under their operation.

    The solution (for me) is just to refuse to take responsibility for anyone’s powerlessness.

    • Vlad
      February 23, 2014 (12:40 pm)

      Edit: With that said, I have no problems helping beautiful girls feel the way they want to feel. 🙂

      • Vlad
        February 23, 2014 (12:46 pm)

        I think I read somewhere in a book about psychology:

        “We experience guilt because we have an over-developed locus of control.”

        And I think this is what that is, that I had an over-developed sense of responsibility. I source my power from taking responsibility of my life situations, so it was probably easy for me to fall into this trap; I didn’t even realise it until the guilt was overwhelming every pore of my body.

        • Vlad
          February 23, 2014 (12:51 pm)

          So now my mode of functioning in my world is:

          I refuse to take responsibility for your powerlessness. However, I am fine with helping you feel the way you want to feel in this moment (i.e. I’m just going to do small-scale stuff; I’m not going to grab you by the balls and tell you how to cure your life problems).

  • Jonas
    February 28, 2014 (2:57 am)

    Don’t want to give you unasked advice, but here’s some thoughts.
    You’re not responsible for other people. You have done a great deal of “changing the world” already. You have changed my life.
    Maybe you’re putting too much pressure on yourself. I notice myself having those perfectionist thoughts, too sometimes.
    What I try to do in those situations is count my blessings and ask what’s needed for me now. Maybe I need to do something entirely different.
    Hope that helps.

  • Jonathan
    March 6, 2014 (4:52 am)

    If people are suffering badly enough, they will make their own changes. If they are not making their own changes, they are likely showing loyalty to some internalized idea of how they should be, how their lives should be, etc., etc., and that loyalty is more important to them than suffering in the moment.

  • Jake Mitchell
    August 23, 2014 (9:09 pm)

    In all seriousness, Leigh, I would take up transcendental meditation. ‘Haha!’ – you might laugh at that idea. I did at first, but the more I started reading about what it does and how it makes people feel motivated and energized I’ve become more and more curious about it. (By the way I absolutely love this font, what is it?). Anyway, they are implementing it in some schools through the David Lynch foundation and it is increasing the students scores by letter grades very quick, makes students happy to be at school, peaceful, focus more on what they have, and want to learn (I don’t know how that is possible from looking at some of the people around my school haha). In addition, it basically brings you to a “center of consciousness deep inside yourself” where you feel completely rejuvenated and is a much deeper experience than the deepest part of sleep. The cool part about it to me is that it is only a 10 – 20 minute thing and is the only think scientifically documented (oh yeah, there’s over 640 scientific peer-reviewed studies over it!) that stimulates every area of your brain at once! This means you would be using 100% of your brain. If you were under an MRI all your brain will light up. Unusual since we normally use just a small part of our brain – for example a little piece for painting a picture, another for singing, and another for doing math – but, for this –like I said –100%. ⟵ There’s the link to a video that explains kind of what it is.
    On another note, I feel if you could bring people together, your image of the would would be a lot easier to achieve. The way you are going about it now is great, especially for people like me (I’m by no means a social god), but I feel like it’s not as productive or efficient as it can be and that is why you are struggling. Think of new forms of government, change (any change really); the ideas were individual, but the effort was collaborative. I’ll give you the example of the United States. A delegation was formed to completely change the history of humanity, it was the first great country to institute a broad democracy in it’s government. What I really want to get down to is: you should collaborate with other greats and influential people that are close to your idea of the world, share and explain your visions and build something better. For example I could see you collaborating with Christian Hudson. He reminds me of you in soooo many ways (travels the world, wants men to be genuine) and is trying to teach men a similar vision of the world (implementing the concepts in a similar way), but I feel he is much less efficient as your explanation of becoming an attractive man. I can probably name about 6 or 7 people all with websites trying to teach men why the pickup community sucks and how to just live their lives and be happy. If you can collaborate your change would be a lot more influential to the world.

    Hope you find this information helpful, keep on shining -Jake

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