Paleo for the WIN!

Posted on February 28, 2012

At the start of the year, I did something that fell so far outside my normal scope of reality that it almost felt illegal.

I went on a diet that contained no rice, no pasta, no bread, no refined, and no processed food. It’s called ‘The Paleo diet’.

It’s so far outside my comfort zone because I’d spent my entire life playing heaps of sport and being told that in order to have energy, I needed to pound carbs.

I was constantly smashing enormous plates of rice and pasta – double what most people would eat – and still going back for more.

The idea of only eating a small amount of carbs was rude.

The idea of not eating any was outright offensive.

But at the start of the year, I gave it a crack.

2012 – the year of the no carbs.

There were a couple of motivating factors.

1. Juice town.

I’d been having freshly squeeze juice every morning and seeing just how much energy I got from that.

2. Love.

My girlfriend wanted to give it a shot and it seemed pretty rude to have her on it and sit around demolishing carbs the whole time.

3. Fatigue

I’d been feeling pretty flat for 3 months and was looking for a way to change things up

4. Fatty boobalada

I’d started putting on body fat for the first time in my life (Yes kids, it does happen when you hit 30) and I wanted to get onto that before it got out of control.

At first, it was pretty tough… I was so used to eating carbs with every meal that it just felt wrong to sit through a stir fry without a single grain of rice.

But I stuck with it (although I slipped up a few times), and by the end of the first week, I didn’t miss them at all.

Probably the hardest adjustment I had to make was increasing the fat level of my diet.

I now put extra oil in my cooking and buy chicken thigh fillets rather than breast fillets.

And, the results?

I feel better than I have in years, I have as much energy as I did when I was 14, my energy levels are stable across the entire day, I can really taste food again (the sweetness of fruit and the creaminess of milk) and I’ve dropped 5kg’s in 6 weeks whilst eating everything I want.

Not bad really.

I honestly can’t see myself ever going back to a carb fueled diet.

The Real Test

The real test will be when we hit winter.

It’s all well and good to munch on beautiful sommer fruit all day long when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, but it’s going to be a different story when the cold winds blow in and all I can think about is thick, hearty stews laden with potatoes.

Oh, but I’ll be in tropical Bali for our winter… Tough…

Weird Side Effects

The funniest thing so far is that I’ve actually had to increase my carb intake in the last week.

I’ve been getting some pretty rough stomach cramps that are apparently brough on by a ‘ketosis’ (when your body breaks down fat cells for energy) and happens when you don’t have enough carbs.

So, to get rid of them, I’ve had to get back on the rice noodles once again.

Tough break really 🙂


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  • nat
    December 29, 2014 (10:19 pm)

    I did something similar a few years ago and i completely agree with you . It changed my life . For the better lol . Now im finding it hard to get back on because i cant seem to get my willpower back ! Nevermind i will keep at it and will be in my bikini again soon .

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