One Perfect Day Mk. 4

The day starts in a relaxed and casual fashion. No rush, no noise, no nervous analysis or jumpy movements.

Relaxed – like the final hours of a Sunday afternoon; with a knowledge that work is ahead and it will need to be done, but there’s no panic or rush to make sure it’s all moving in the right direction.

This relaxation comes from the fact that the companies I run are well-oiled machines.

We have all the right people in all the right places whose job it is to make sure everything is running smoothly. They take care of the panic and the stress so that I don’t have to.

The day starts in a large, open room. It contains nothing but a bed, a rug, two bedside tables, and curtains. Everything else is open, and empty.

The room itself is a monument to relaxation. There are no flashing lights or computer screens. It’s all wood and cotton and nature.

The air is crisp but holding the promise of a warm Spring day. Summer is just around the corner and every day we move closer, it feels more and more like it’s already here.

My wife sleeps peacefully next to me. She was up writing last night and so I was asleep when she came to bed and because of this, I’ll get out before she has the chance to open her eyes.

I wrap my body in some soft, cotton clothes and amble to the kitchen where the breakfast I started last night is sitting on the stove.

I add the rest of the ingredients – the chicken, the ginger, the shallots and corn and cabbage and coriander – to the pot before ladling up breakfast for myself and the kids.

They know the routine – regardless of the time they wake up, they’re to stay in their room till 7:30, when they can come out and start the day.

At 7:30 on the dot, they emerge for their breakfast.

We sit and eat and laugh and talk. They talk about everything that’s important to them. They tell me about their dreams, who they’re going to play with, and what they want to do today.

I’m not really that interested in what they’re saying but it’s great to be part of their exciting lives.

Their mum comes down just in time to say goodbye and help me usher them out the door. We watch as the bus picks them up and then we head back inside.

We don’t talk so much because we don’t need words. We hug, we kiss, I hold her for a while, while she makes her coffee and stirs her breakfast.

I kiss her before her breafast is finished and walk down to my office.

The reports have been sent by the various company managers and they’re in my inbox. Everything is on track and we’re moving forward. We’ve set ambitious targets for the month but we’re on track to hit them.

Once I’ve got through the reports, it’s onto today’s list.

I’ve just decided on a new niche to move into and it’s time to put the plan together. I spend the day combing through the niche, examining different possibilities, setting a plan in place, putting job ads up for the team, and putting together the development plan.

By early afternoon, I have a great view across the project and I’ve made big headway into launching the new project.

When I hit the point where my brain just doesn’t want to keep going, I get a text: “Surf’s going off. Get down here now.”

I don’t really have a choice, do I? 🙂

I throw the board into the back of the car and head down to the break.

The guys are there and we take the piss out of each other the whole time.

Get out of the water 2 hours later and head home.

My wife’s with the kids and they all start talking at once when I walk through the door.

I jump in the shower, wash off, then head down and help the kids with their afternoon activities. Some of it’s homework, some of it’s the businesses they’re building, some of it’s just exciting activities they love doing.

After an hour or so, I leave the kids to their adventures and start dinner.

When it’s ready, we sit and eat together as a family.

Then, we put the kids to bed.

My wife and I stay up and talk into the night before crawling into bed.