One Perfect Day Mk. 3

The day starts off in nature.

It’s not so much a meditation, because my brain is already silent from the sleep I’ve just woken from, it’s more answering a question – what is truly important today?

That’s how every day starts: by getting focussed.

I stay there till I can truly say what it significant and important enough for me to devote an entire day to.

When I finally have my answer, I dive into the water, wake my body up, get ready for the office, and leave.

I walk into the office into a prank of some kind. I don’t know what it is right now, but I’m the butt of some joke.

The team’s been in the office since 6am setting it up. Why? Because it’s worth it. And that’s the kind of people they are. They take our work very seriously but also love to enjoy themselves.

The work is filled with doing something significant, something rewarding, something that’s going to leave a lasting legacy on the world.

It’s all focussed on the programs – designing, creating, reviewing, and updating. These allow us to make the biggest impact.

They allow us to create something that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of whether we’re there to coach or we’re even alive.

I also check in with the marketing team. Things are going well. More guys are landing on the site and more guys are joining the programs.

Our goal of guiding 10,000 clients this year is on track.

Everything in the office is communal. We work in teams. It allows us to flesh out ideas, create structures, update projects, and make the biggest impact.

The work day finishes and I’m out the door. I’m just in time to catch the 3-5ft waves on outgoing tide and the off-shore winds.