One Perfect Day Mk. 1

The first sense I get that I’m awake is when she takes me inside her mouth – her lips wrapping gently around me and stirring me from my slumber.

I’m flaccid at this point in time but I don’t stay that way for long. As her tender lips work her magic, my whole body comes alive. And, well, you can guess the rest… 🙂

It’s her favourite way to wake up me.

She likes to feel know that even though I’m building us an empire and the people pay thousands of dollars for my time and advice, she can totally and completely take control of my body and own me whenever she wants, by simply through the touch of her lips.

As she finishes her morning ritual, stands up and saunters casually to the bathroom, wearing nothing by a wry smile and an air of confidence that only comes from knowing you’re 100% in control.

She steps into the grey granite shower and lets the warm water cascade over her naked body – the soft lines of her hair, her shoulders, her breasts, her stomach, and down her thighs.

She lifts her head to me, eyes smiling through the falling drops, then closes the shower door as she smirks “It’s $150 per minute to watch you dirty old man. $250 if you want to join in!”

I can still see her smiling through the fogged glass of the shower screen as she pretends not to like it when I admire her nakedness.

It’s only now I become conscious of the room around me. The air is crisp with hint of the night chill that’s past through the house, but the heat of hte morning sun is already starting to invade the room.

It’s 6:30am – time to start the day.

The room is an homage to natural minimalism – naked timber floors, thick white curtains, plain walls, and a single door leading to the bathroom.A stoic bookcase bears the burden of carrying the colour and beauty in the room – the books all colour-coded and aligned at the front of the shelves, the flowers resting casually against the rim of the vase –  but it’s thick beachwood uprights are more than capable of that.

A large off-white rug is all that lays between our 4 poster bed at one end of the room and the glass wall that shields us from the spray of the oceans fury.

This room is a microcosm of the entire house – functional, minimalist white with explosions of colour to catch unaware visitors off guard. It was purpose built on a big vacant block of land on a cliff, just south of my favourite beach break in the entire world. Glass and space and clean and open – it was designed to invite the sun and the waves through outstretched arms, but shield away the noise and hurry and the rushing around of the rest of the world.

While she showers, I move. It’s time to start the day. My brain is on, it’s time to take action. I feel fresh – light. My body feels young and loose, ready to take on the world.

Breakfast is simple: 1 apple, 4 carrots, half a lemon, a small Chinese town’s yearly supply of ginger, and fresh kale from the garden; all pressed and squeezed into a glass.

From there, I grab my surfboard and walk down the rough-cut stone steps down the side of the cliff to the break. There’s a light wind – offshore – but the water is still glassy smooth. The waves roll in in strong , straight, powerful lines cutting the glassy ocean into fingers before curling down the side of the sand bank left by the outgoing tide exiting from the lake mouth. The sun is warm, the air is warming, the water has a gentle bite to it that lets you know you’re alive, but’s warm enough that you could stay in all day.

I paddle out between sets to where the break is forming. There’s 3 other guys already out there and we yell at each other like old friends.

“You actually going to catch something today? Or were just thinking of chickening out every time a bump over 2ft rolls through…?”

“Sorry… You must have gotten it wrong. I wasn’t chickening our, I was simply letting you catch your first wave. I thought it must be so embarrassing for you to spend 2 hours out here not getting anything then having to paddle back in empty handed…”

Ahhh… Friends.

It still amazes me to this day, despite the fact I’ve been surfing for so many years now, just how fast time goes on the water. Everything is so still and simple that it seems impossible that time could actually be passing.

But as it always happens, I look down at my watch after what seems like only a handful of waves and it’s 8am – time to go in.

“Well. I’ve embarrassed you pack of homo’s for long enough now so I’m going to head in. You guys might even be able to catch a wave of two now. Just try not to fight over what I leave you…” 🙂

Ahh… Friends.

The path back up to the house is short and I feel fresh as I bound up the stairs. My body feels strong.

I rinse off under the outdoor shower before dropping my gear, getting dressed, and making my way into the kitchen.

The kids are at the table eating breakfast that my wife has made them – juice, eggs, and salad.

She’s standing at the stove, back to me as I creep up behind her, wrap my arms around her waist and nuzzle my face into the back of her neck.

“Good morning my love” I whisper.

She smiles but doesn’t stop stirring. “Oh my god, you’re SO needy!” She swats playfully at me with her wooden spoon. “Is it that hard to give me some space?”

We talk and play – me, the kids, and my wife. Nothing is serious. Nothing is important. No admin, just laughing.

15 minutes later I’m out the door and walking into the office.

It’s 8:30 but most of the team is there already. They like to start early and finish early.

I’m greeted at entrance by the office manager. “Good morning Mr. Louey-Gung.”

She knows she doesn’t need to call me that. I’ve told her on many occasions she can just call me ‘God’, but she still insists for some reason…

It’s good to see her in the morning. She’s the beating heart of the place. She makes sure everyone is on track and has everything they need. If they don’t, she makes it happen. Whilst I’m the boss, she’s the engine. She’s really the one that makes things happen. She hands me a stack of reports as I walk in.

“Nothing out of the ordinary, but I thought you’d like to see how well we’re doing anyway.”

I step further into the office and survey the scene. I get a warm nod from Jim as he passes me on the way to his desk but none of the meaningless chit-chat that fills most office conversations. Just a smile and a nod as he continues on his way.

The rest of the staff scattered around the open plan office have their heads buried in work and don’t even acknowledge I’m there. They will, in time, come and talk to me, but they don’t give me a forced smile and ask a question they don’t even care about hearing my response to just because they think it’s polite.

This is a work space and it’s for work. Not validating others insecurities performing unnecessary routines. It’s for work and they’re all working. They’re all important people doing important tasks that don’t need to be interrupted just out of niceties.

That’s one of the great things about the office – nothing happens just because. It’s not a temple of the outdated routine and pointless procedure. It’s a relentless, finely-tuned machine. If something doesn’t directly contribute towards us meeting the goals we’ve set then it’s eliminated. Gone. Out the door. And that’s not just tasks, it’s people. Things exist for a reason and as soon as they’re not needed, they cease needing to exist.

This isn’t a place to validate and applaud each other just for the sake of making people feel nice. This is a work place and this work place is about pushing through and making things happen.

As I walk through the office, one thing’s for certain – I’m the boss. Not because I was lucky enough to inherit a company from my hard working father or the fact that I have the best office. I’m the boss because I’m the leader of this company – and I act like it. I’m the one who sets the example. I’m the one steering the ship. I set the vision. I live the vision and together, we build it.

Nothing is left to chance. Nothing is an ‘I don’t know.’ Nothing is a ‘Well, I guess…’ It’s all figures. It’s all facts. It’s all data. It’s all proven. And it’s all powering forward.

I walk into my office and the work day starts.

The first step is opening my diary and making sure I’m on top of everything that has to happen today. I know what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and how it specifically contributes to me reaching the vision I set at the start of the week.

As I scan through my list, I remember that today is a special day. It’s the culmination of three months hard work on a project that no-one said could be done and even less people thought would be effective even if we did manage to pull it together in time. But we did it, and it’s great, and it all ties up today.

Today, we get to make a significant difference to the world in a way that really means something to everyone in the office.

But that’s not till the end of the day. The morning starts with the reports.

I pull the reports out of the folder and work through key points highlighted by my office manager. Fuck she’s good. She’s right; everything is on track and things are looking good. By the time I finish going through the report, it’s time for the morning meeting.

The airhorn sounds and we all hurry into the meeting room.

I start: “Good morning guys. Thanks for coming in. I hope you guys had a good…”

Someone interrupts: “Get to it. I’ve got a meeting starting in 10.”

Even I’m not immune to the rules. “Thanks Jim. You all know what the priority for today is. For us to have this finished, we need…”

Everyone nods, contributes what they need to contribute what they to contribute, has the facts and figures to back everything up, and it committed to reaching our targets for the week. 11 minutes – everyone gets back to work. Then, the rest of my day starts.

My work isn’t about day-to-day management or the minutia of life, it’s about big picture components. It’s about creativity and strategy. Where are we going, how are we going to get there, who do we need to put in place to make it happen?

Yes, I have to trouble shoot when problems arise but that’s only because I’ve filled every role and I wrote the manual on how to do it. Everything else is about getting this team where we need to be. They’re an incredibly talented, motivated, and inspiring team – each an expert in their own field. They charge me more for an hour of their time most people charge for a day but they make this company more in a month than an ordinary person would make us in a year. This is the best of the best. The cream of the crop. They charge like it but they also produce like it.

Inspiring and talented. Fuck yes.

This is when my personal assistant comes in. She’s cute, fun, bubbly, but pushes me around like I need someone to. She takes care of all the small details in my life so that I don’t have to think about it.

“You have an appointment at 1pm and 3pm and we’re having the team dinner here tonight. The food will be delivered at 4 and John’s on the BBQ tonight. Is there anything you need me for right now or are you going to take a nap and let everyone else carry you?” She asks with a cheeky smile.

“Well, I was trying to sleep till you barged in here!! Now get out so I can pretend like I’m working.” She smiles and turns around. “You arsehole…” I mumble as she walks away – just loud enough so she hears me but not loud enough that she could ever prove that I said it.

She turns around and places her hand on the frame of my office door with a feminine fragility that’s in complete contrast with her masculine efficiency. “Your 9:30am conference call starts in 7 minutes. I’ll dial them in and patch you through when the time comes. Try to sound like you have some idea what you’re saying this time…” She doesn’t wait for my response. She just closes the door and walks back to her desk.

Some of the team head out for a surf later in the day. This doesn’t matter because they’re not on hourly rates. They’re paid to get jobs done and as long as they’re getting the jobs done, they can do what they want with their time.

My wife comes down with the kids to the office at 6 and we cook up a dinner for the team. Everyone on board, everyone having a great time.

Partners turn up as well and we end up feeding over 30 people. It doesn’t matter because the company is making so much cash that we can afford to.

We clean up and walk out and head down to the water with the kids. We sit together and laugh in the sand making stupid jokes and teasing each other. She’s the funniest, most beautiful person I know and I love my family more than I can convey in words.

I stretch every night before I go to bed and my diet gives me the energy to take on whatever the world throws at me.

We take the kids home and put them into bed before relaxing on the couch to the sound of the ocean breaking in the warm summer breeze before retiring to the bedroom to shower and fall asleep together.