Is it worth it?

Posted on May 7, 2011

Sometimes, I start to wonder if it’s all worth it.

Is it worth it to try and create something different, something powerful, something incredible?

Is it worth it to try and create something new when there are models that already work?

I know that I could go out, get a normal job, make a lot of money, and be very successful… but miserable…

Or, I could keep going with what I love, live my life constantly checking to see if there’s enough money in the bank, continue working in a shitty place that is as unrewarding as sliding a cheese grater down the front of my pants, and see what I can create.

I logically know it’s worth it. I’ve experinced the profound sense of satisfaction that comes from helping people transform thier life. I guess I just worry about my future.

I only get these kinds of thoughts when the money isn’t there, when I’m stressed and feel lost…

And then it hit me. If I’m feeling like this when I’m worried about money and direction, then get rid of those things.

Deal with the money – create a plan and stick to it.

Deal with the direction – create a plan and follow it.

And then it all seems so simple…



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