My Story

I still remember the first time I realised I was very different to other guys my age

I was 14 years old, standing in the playground at my school surrounded by my friends and listening to them talk.

I understood the words they were using and what they were supposed to mean, but I just couldn’t work out why they were saying what they were saying.

They were putting one guy down for being different and making fun of someone else who didn’t fit the mould of what a ‘cool’ guy was supposed to be.

What was the point? It didn’t make sense?

Why weren’t we talking about all the incredible opportunities we had? We weren’t we discussing all the chances that we’d been given, just because we were lucky enough to be born into a modern, western society?

The world is such an incredible place and here we were, standing in a huddle around a bin fire (hey, you’ve got to keep warm somehow) trying to make ourselves feel tough by making someone else feel small.

It took me till I was 17 to realise why I felt so out of place and another 4 years to quit my stuffy, frustrating, office job and start doing what I really felt was right.

5 years behind a bar helped me work out exactly what kind of people I wanted to fill my life with and learning the intricacies of building and running an online business helped me work out exactly what I wanted to spend my life doing.

But, knowing who and what you want in your life and actually having them are two very different things.

This where the real journey started.

I cut the people who weren’t the type I saw in my future and started actively seeking out everyone who was.

I wrote a list of everything I needed to learn to run a successful online company and started working down that list.

Step by step, person by person.

It didn’t always work out the way I wanted it to, but I made sure I took an important lesson from every step and applied it next time I tried.

Then in December 2011, I made the one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made: to quit my job and work online full time. 

4 months later I moved out of that house haven’t settled down since.

The first stop was living an working in a tropical paradise and enjoying all the incredible benefits that come from being able to travel the world without restriction.

The next stop was 10 weeks travelling through North and South America followed by a quick stop over in Sydney before moving down the far south coast of NSW, Australia to live on 34 acres of natural bushland, surrounded by national park.

And as I write this, I’m living in Melbourne, Australia after just coming back from 3 1/2 weeks in Thailand where I was travelling with the most inspiring and attractive woman I’ve ever met.

Where to from here? Hard to say really. 

We’ve got another 8 weeks travelling around Australia before we settle down again. By that time, it’ll be 22 months since we last had a place to call our own and we’re both ready to have a stable routine for longer than a month.

I’m thinking of spending a month in the USA over February or March but I’m not sure at this point in time. I’ll have to wait and see which direction my body is pulling me.

So, that’s me and that’s my life.

It’s so far removed from what I ever thought possible that it still astounds me to write it all down. I never thought, sitting in that office all those years ago, that I’d have the freedom to live wherever I want, doing whatever I want, whenever I want to do it, and have the most attractive woman I’ve ever met by my side to enjoy that freedom with me.

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Or, if this sounds like the kind of life you’d like to be living and you want some guidance, please feel free to book me in for a personal coaching session and we can chat about where you are and what you need to do next.

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Some kind words from others …

Hey mate,

I just wanted to thank you for the pathway you chose to follow 7 years ago as the change it has made to my life (and no doubt countless other guys in search of reclaiming their own power) has been immeasurable.

In having the courage and self-awareness to recognise that you need to move on to greater challenges, despite what others may think, is the very embodiment of what you teach and only underlines the integrity through which you practice what you preach.

I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to pursue next in life and look forward to keeping in touch.

– Tom


 Before finding AI, I was completely lost, and I hit rock bottom. Thanks to stumbling on AI in 2011, I now have the courage to keep moving forward. There so much I want to thank you for Leigh, and I don’t think an email will ever suffice. You gave me HOPE when I had nearly lost all of it.
You have my deepest gratitude. Thank you Leigh.
– Roger


Thanks for all your work throughout the years with Attraction Institute- it has led me to some absolute great moments and some terrible ones too, but all the while helped me stay true to myself.

Best of luck for the future and may whatever you do bring you happiness.

– Joshua


Thank you so much for this guys, your amazing stuff always make my spirit grows and brighten up my soul.
– K.
Thanks for the website. It changed my life. I know it has a lot to do with women, but I’ve applied the principles to all the areas of my life and I’ve finally stopped worrying about what others think and started focusing on what I want to do with my life.
– Seth
On the behalf of myself and probably most guys here I would like to thank you for all you have done. You know how much your work means to us.
For those few guys who were fortunate enough to stumble across AI and got to know you (even if that’s only through articles or Skype convos), you have made a huge difference in our lives.
– Jan

You’ve been a gift to us all, and you’ve been a massive influence on my life and the man I am today.

Thank you for showing me that I never needed this to begin with :). For that, I am most grateful.

– Jonno


No amount of words can explain the impact you’ve had on my life.

– Damian


I want to thank you for doing what very few have the balls to do – Living your truth.

So many of us have grown beyond the fears and limitations that we’ve created because of the work you’ve done. You said you wanted to change the world, you have my friend.

– Christian


Leigh, you are a great, great man. You remind me of my own need to find the challenge and purpose, and contribution I can make to this world.

– Lauris


Many thanks, End Game is the greatest book I’ve ever read and has changed my life.

– Jack


I wanna thank you for changing the way i’ve been perceiving the world around me since i found your stuff.. Here i found all the tools i needed to drastically change my life, and even though I still have a very long way to go, I, in the present moment, am happier than ever :-). And it’s all thanks to you, man..!

So, thanks for everything and for willing to make such a difference in peoples’ lives!!

– Ted


Leigh, words can’t describe how much of a real impact you’ve had.

These are life skills you’ve brought here that will help us become the kind of men who will in turn give their gift to the world and if it’s anything like what you’ve brought, mate you’ve set in motion something absolutely beautiful and powerful.

– Mario


Thanks for everything. AI and End Game helped me discover the knowledge I so desperately needed.

I deeply respect and understand your move and I am happy you have decided to give your gift in places where it can not only change lives but also save lives.

Your journey is and will always be an inspiration to me! May the force be with you 😉

– Bas


Hey Leigh, i feel like i owe you a huge gratitude.

All of my life was a mix of shyness and excuses not to do whatever it is i actually want to do until i found Endgame.
I felt like i had to “prove” myself in order for women, or perhaps people in general – to “accept” me.

I felt like if i didn’t have enough “Alpha points” or a “high value”, then i have no chance of meeting girl’s who are interested in me.

And that’s when i stumbled into your book and it was, in short (and I’m really not doing you enough justice by seeing this) – the most amazing, eye opening experience I have ever had.

It took me a while until I’ve actually been able to process the ideas suggested in your book enough to actually change my life, but looking back, I have grown so much because of you. It is truly amazing. I now know that even the concept of hitting on a girl is ridiculous, because in order to get what i want out of life I don’t need to try and impress people, I simply need to be myself.

It really took me a few months until I’ve been able to look back and say that I’m a completely different person now. And I am much more happy, it’s really mind blowing. I was always a pessimistic child but now, I am so optimistic and happy it’s actually scary. I have so much more freedom with girls now and it is truly remarkable, but the most amazing thing is that I’ve only now started going after a dream which I’ve never realized I had before, which is writing. I mean, I know I’m too young to know where I’m going, but what I’ve learned from Endgame that if there is something which I truly want, I should embrace any fear I have about it and just roll with it. The roadblocks just melt away. With girls too, of course. The fear always exists, but I approach the fear in an entirely different way now – I just take a step forward instead of a step backwards. It’s like you said in one of your podcasts, the one where you tell the story of a beautiful girl you met in a library – you just take a step forward. I don’t deny the fear, I embrace it or at times, even search for that fear. Because that fear is what eventually develops me as a person – if i can overcome that fear, the amazing is spectacular. And since Endgame, I have indeed dealt with a few of those fears. The results surprised me in a most awesome way, but even if they wouldn’t have, the only thing that matters is that I overcame those fears. The feeling is amazing.

I owe all of this to you, Leigh(and Steven, of course) . Truly, you are an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others, and i have already recommended Endgame to probably all of my friends. We all agree that this, this philosophy, this approach towards life – it needs to be more widely known.

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have done more for me than you could possibly know.

– Yaron


Your work has inspired me. I spent much of my life shy, retiring, and most importantly lost. I had no idea where I was going in life and I ended up in a very dark place. Your work was the catalyst for me to change my life. I’ve noticed an effortless charm and charisma about myself that I haven’t had since I was a small child.

I’m also agressively going after my dreams in life and its all thanks to you. My dream is to become a community organizer and start a movement that will reform many of Americas problems. I am starting to write out a plan and am taking steps to build my resume and experience. Women are attracted to me now and I’m starting to put myself out there more and more.

My belief in myself is becoming unshakeable and I know I can accomplish anything. If you have any general advice in this area I’d love to hear it.

None of this would have happened without you. I just wanted to say keep doing what your doing and keep spreading your message. The world is having a serious masculinity crisis and needs real men to take up the mantle and handle the problems of the world.I urge you to find a way to hone and spread your message to the wider world. You can do great things,

thank you so much Leigh..

– Antoni


Just want to say thankyou to you today, your advice over the last year has helped me SO much. I am feeling great today and feel optimistic about my future. When ever im feeling down I sometimes check out your FB page, as it brigtens up my day. Hopefully i can meet you one day.

– David


Hi Leigh

It has been a long time since we have been talking, almost 2 years since I completed be powerful.

Basically I’m writing to say thank you !! Thank you for helping me taking the first few steps for a better life.
The last advise you gave me 2 years ago was to go out traveling. I ended up doing so and that have been a real game changer in my life.

I feel like a new man now, life is so beautiful And I see and do things differently now 🙂

I just wanna thank you from all of my heart Leigh.
Thanks for showing the direction of a different way of living.

Love, Mads Ravn