One Perfect Day Mk. 5

DATE: 5th May, 2016

The day starts with the sun. The golden sunrise streams in through the open window and sets fire sheets – gold, red, purple – bringing warmth to the cool night air. I’m awake before my wife and child. He’s only just started sleeping through the night and both mum and bub and enjoying the additional rest.

I roll towards her and pull her in close. She stirs, but doesn’t wake, moaning gently as our skin presses together. It’s then I catch the eyes of my son through the woven cane walls of his basinet. He’s awake and looking around; not crying or wanting for attention, just enjoying the morning light calmly.

I climb out of bed, pick him up, and carry him out to the kitchen where we cook breakfast together. It’s the same we have everyday – Chinese rice porridge. Wet, delicious, filling, and healthy. He has his own version of our favourite breakfast and eats with the adults when we all sit down together.

As it’s nearly finished, my wife stumbles from the bedroom, wrapped in her peacock dressing gown and wraps her arms around my waist from behind, her head nuzzled into the back of my neck.

I turn and we kiss, then I hold her some more.

She cuts a plate of fresh fruit while I finish off the rest of breakfast and we carry everything, including our child, to our outdoor dining table where we eat, laugh, and talk about our upcoming day; work, surfing, picnic on the beach as the sun sets.

When we’re done, I drop the dishes in the kitchen and get ready to start my day. Shower, dressed, bag packed, and out the door with a quick kiss and promise of dinner tonight.

The office is a large co-working space filled with other online entrepreneurs. I’m one of 10 companies who’re using the space to run my online business. The familiar faces are there and we share a quick laugh before I settle into work. My 2 on-location staff are there before me and have started on their work already.

I go through my daily reports before we jump into our quick morning meeting – what are you doing, why are you doing it, what do you hope to achieve, and what do you need from me.

I spend the early part of the day answering forum posts and coaching questions, and checking in with coaching sales. I also work in with our sales team who’re working to turn more of the 20,000 daily website visitors into customers.

I clear out all the junk and start working on the latest article for the site. It’s a big one written answering one of the most common questions I get asked during the coaching process. Draft one was completed yesterday and today is the sales edit.

Lunch comes and goes and the day rolls into the afternoon. I wrap up my projects and the team, a few guys from the office, and I jump in our car sand scout the surf breaks looking for the best one. We all decide on one and a group of 5 of us head into the water. Glassy 4ft right handers curl along the sand banks held up by a light off-shore breeze. We’re the only 5 on the break and the surf is pumping.

We all paddle in by 5 to meet my wife and child at the barbeques on the beach. There are other people there as well; not because we’ve organised to meet them, but because it’s just where people go on a warm summer evening.

I take my child and my wife jumps in the water for a swim and a surf. We slowly and quietly get ready for dinner whilst she swims around.

We spend the evening eating good food, occasionally laughing with the other families at the BBQ’s, and being in love.

As the sun starts to set and the air slowly cools, we pack up and head home to get our son in bed. Once we’ve put him down, we sit on the back deck in the cool night air drinking wine and laughing about the day.